Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Amazon Voice Order Discounts Teach How to Change Customer Behavior

Amazon Aims to Change Consumer Behavior with Incentives

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is trying to change consumer behavior. And it’s using a popular incentive for doing it — money.

More specifically, Amazon is trying to encourage more people to place orders using voice assistants like Amazon Fire TV or Echo Smart Speakers. The first time a customer places a voice order, they’ll get $10 off their order.

Clearly, Amazon wants to encourage more people to try out voice ordering, likely because it makes the process easy and can encourage more repeat purchases. So it’s using a clear incentive to get more people trying out the feature.

Change Consumer Behavior with Incentives

Even small businesses without access to all the resources of giants like Amazon can change consumer behavior with incentives. Maybe you’ve just opened a new online store to complement your retail location and you haven’t gotten a lot of orders just yet. You can offer exclusive online discounts to get more people to make purchases online. Or if you own a restaurant and want to get more customers to order food for carry-out, you can offer exclusive prices just for carry-out orders.

The idea of discounts or financial incentives isn’t new. But it can still be an effective method for changing consumer behavior. So think about the behavior you’d really like your customers to adopt and then offer incentives to achieve those goals.

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