Monday, 19 June 2017

Major Rendering Challenges Faced by Email Clients and Their Workarounds [Infographic]

Email Marketing is still a widely used medium to reach a large set of audience. With a plethora of email clients available, it remains a challenge for email marketers to reach each and every subscriber in their list. No doubt, email marketing can bring great prospects for your business, but you need to make sure your email gets delivered and renders smoothly across the diverse email clients and devices used by your subscribers.

The recent Email Client Market Share report conducted by Litmus Email Analytics shows that the top 5 widely used email clients are Apple iPhone, Gmail, Apple iPad, Apple Mail, and Outlook. Marketers need to take into consideration the following challenges faced by email clients and their solutions while planning for email campaigns.

  • iOS9 adds padding to the right and left side of the email campaigns. To avoid white spaces on either sides of the email, add margin padding “0” in the body inline.

  • Gmail clips messages that exceeds the file size of 102kb. As a workaround, avoid unnecessary style tags and attributes and keep the HTML file size below 102 kb.

  • Gmail app on iPhone turns dates and numbers into blue. To avoid the blue line, provide media queries with important defined to override the inline style.

  • Outlook and Hotmail remove paragraph and margin spacing from the code due to which neatly spaced content will bunch together. To avoid this, use table-based layout and td/tr.

  • The center align attribute is not supported in Yahoo! Mail and hence you need to use align=“center” and for tables with fixed widths use align center in td.

  • Apple Mail does not support Calibri fonts and hence using these fonts should be avoided. Also, host your email and provide the links to the server as internal links also do not work.

To get a detailed analysis on the common challenges faced by various email clients and their workarounds and usage perspectives, check out this infographic by EmailMonks.

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