Monday, 9 October 2017

IT Security: 4 Steps You Can Take For a More-Secure Business

Staying ahead of IT security is an ongoing endeavor that you should make an effort to do. Here are four steps you can take immediately to get things underway.

1. Train Your Staff

Employees are the leading cause of a ransomware attack. This doesn’t mean they’re doing something malicious on purpose–they often are targeted by hackers and tricked into providing data and/or access.

Teaching your employees to learn how to identify a phishing attempt is the first line of defense. The second thing to teach them is to what to do if they find a phishing email.

Remember to run training programs multiple times per year.

2. Make Sure Your Security is Layered

It will take a combination of products and services to keep your company safe from a cyber attack. Firewalls and antivirus technologies are a portion of what you’ll need to stay as safe as possible from both known and unknown threats. Ongoing network monitoring and encryption are essential.

Make sure:

Your software has had all patches applied and it is up to date.

Ensure you have backup copies of your data–preferably offsite.

3. Use Multi-Factor Authentication and Strong Passwords

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) can be accomplished with many tools that are available today–some free, some paid. Read our blog on MFA to learn more about this.

Encourage your employees to use strong passwords and not to share them. Passwords such as “password” and “123abc” are simply too easy for hackers to guess. Passwords such as “ILbball0876$” are harder to guess.

4. Conduct a risk assessment

What will happen to your business and your client data if you are locked down due to ransomware? Is lost revenue the only concern you have? If you are in an industry that requires compliance, you should consider what the rules and regulations are as they relate to cybersecurity. Doing an IT risk assessment to find weaknesses and vulnerabilities is a good place to start.

Entech can help you ensure your business is working an optimal networking speeds. Download our IT Security Checklist to see if your business has areas that need to be addressed.

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