Tuesday, 7 November 2017

#MakeSongLyricsWoke Trends As Social Media Makes Songs More Socially Aware

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Classic song lyrics are being turned into socially-conscious anthems thanks to one timely hashtag game on Twitter. Social media users took well-known tunes and made them “woke” (slang term for being socially aware) by combining lyrics with current issues worldwide.

#MakeSongLyricsWoke, which became a trending hashtag in the weekly HuffPost Comedy hashtag game Tuesday afternoon, took iconic songs lyrics and gave them a social awareness twist. The hashtag game, which generated thousands of tweets, transformed music to better reflect today’s hot-button topics such as climate change, water crises, gender identity, the pay gap and consent. Updated lyrics included, “It’s a nice day for white privilege,” “Bridge over contaminated water” and “Who let the Pepe the Frogs out? Who? Who?”

Take a look at some of the best #MakeSongLyricsWoke tweets below:

Social Media Users #MakeSongLyricsWoke with Modern Twists

What kind of a socially-aware twist would you put on song lyrics? Which #MakeSongLyricsWoke tweet was your favorite? Sound off in the comments section below!

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